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Matthew Nesvet is an anthropologist and a journalist. He writes for The Appeal, Anthropology News, American Ethnologist, Something We Africans Got, & other publications. For the U.S. Congress, he leads CRS’ coverage of corporate crime, juvenile justice, indigenous justice, and DNA surveillance.

Matt’s taught social science and humanities to University of California students & liberal arts college students, and has won teaching awards and fellowships. He’s created and leads several service-learning programs for young ‘emic’ journalists (print, digital, and radio), bringing ethnographic methods and writing into media. Matt’s also organized participatory ‘speculative design showcases’ which gained global media attention, bringing people together to visualize and build a “safer injection site” in San Francisco and a truly “post”-apartheid City of Johannesburg.

Matt’s part of CRITMIL (UC’s Critical Militarization, Policing, and Security Studies Research Group). He’s received support from University of Chicago, University of California (UCLA & UC Davis campuses), the University of California Humanities Research Institute, the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, SF AIDS Foundation, Hayman Foundations, & the European Association for Social Anthropology. He’s also a research associate at University of Witwatersrand’s Anthropology Dept. and Centre for Sustainability in Mining and Industry.