Matthew Nesvet
Matthew Nesvet
Anthropologist & Journalist

Notes from an Anthropologist’s Year As A New Orleans Consent Decree Insider (July 30, 2019)

The Crescent City Is In The Final Stages of a Multi-Million Dollar Federal Police Reform Process. Here’s Why It & Other Programs Like It Are Failing to Achieve Real Reform. An Explosive Story Reveals America’s For-Profit Police Reformers Are Doing The Bidding of Police Dept’s They Are Supposed to Be Overhauling.

Positive Futures in Puerto Rico (Aug 23, 2019)

When the Hilton San Juan El Caribe abruptly cancelled hosting an academic meeting, a group of sociocultural anthropologists resolved to find out what a Hilton-less anthropology looks like. Their answer reveals what corporate-led academic conferences leave aside, and how changing a venue can create a more engaged anthropology.

Pan-Afro Futurisms (August 2019)

Pan-Africanism’s shifted from state politics to Afro-futurist culture. This story follows the images and ideas behind many Africans’ calls to replace purportedly sovereign nation states with something bigger.